For Your Specific RF, Microwave and Wireless Needs

RF and Microwave Simulation Services

Computer simulation is an indispensible tool in todays design environment. Simulation, in particular 3-dimensional electromagnetic field simulation of RF and microwave products, is a CustomRF specialty.

CustomRF owns a license of CST Microwave Studio for 3D EMF. While CustomRF would love to design your product for you, we will also characterize, optimize, fine-tune or troubleshoot your design. Some typical applications for 3D EMF simulation are
  • Antennas (near-field, far-field patterns, return loss, see example)
  • Waveguide components (see example)
  • Transmission lines (PCB, waveguide, coax, non-standard)
  • Parasitic effects (PCBs, device packages)
  • Microwave filters and matching networks (see example)
  • Crosstalk (see example)
  • Specific absorption rate (SAR)
If you do not own or have the expertise in the use of such tools, just outsource your simulations to CustomRF.
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